What is a lmgn?

It's just my initials.

How do I write your name?

Either theLMGN, leo (theLMGN) or just lmgn. I prefer theLMGN or leo (theLMGN). TheLMGN, lmgn and LMGN are fine, but i prefer the others. Also, combining my name with other things to show I own it should be either like this, {nameChoice}'s Switch or lmgnSwich. LMGNSwitch is fine. (My Switch is an example). There are some outliers to this rule, like lmgnWebsite isn't cool.

What music do you like?

Most of the stuff from Monstercat/EDM. Electroswing and Future Funk are also pretty cool. I also like some other stuff. So check my SoundCloud Likes for things.

What camera do you use?

I just use my phone, its camera quality is pretty good. (even though 4k takes 2 years to render)

What recording software do you use?


What do you use to edit your videos?

Premiere Pro CC 2017

What do you use to make thumbnails?

If I'm bothered to make one, Photoshop CC 2017

Is example.com/@username you?

Might be, but Tweet at me to confirm.

How do I ask you something?

Read the contact on the homepage. Or click here.

What devices do you have?

Check out the devices tab on the homepage. It's hard to miss. Or click here.

Can I link someone to a specific part of the page?

Sure! Use #scroll to link someone to the bottom part of the home page, #contact to link someone to the contact section, #faq to link someone to this section and #devices to link someone to the devices section.